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China Business Philippines - 17 May 2010
Subject: China Business Philippines - 17 May 2010
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China Business Philippines - 17 May 2010, Tuesday
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Interesting Times
By Jonathan P. de Santos

Economic analysts paint a rosy picture of the year ahead. But are new threats about to plunge us into recession perpetua?

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If China will not export those labor-intensive products, the US will have to import from other countries, and very likely, the cost will be higher—Justin Yifu Lin

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Top 10 Countries With the Highest Marriage Rate

Marriages per 1,000 per annum

1. Barbados (13.1)
A majority of Bajans—as residents of Barbados are often called—is Christian.

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May 20 – 21
3rd Annual Summit for Executive Seretaries & Administrative Professionals E M P O W E R M E N T: Bringing Your Support Group To The Next Level
Venue: SMX Convention Center

May 22 – 23
Celebrations! A Bridal Show and Special Events Expo
Venue: SMX Convention Center

May 27 – 30
15th Beijing Essen Welding and Cutting Fair
Venue: New China International Exhibition Center

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