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China Business Philippines - 07 June 2010
Subject: China Business Philippines - 07 June 2010
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China Business Philippines - 07 June 2010, Monday
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Marathons completed since 2002 by a 56-year-old man named Su as reported by the China Daily website. Su realized his passion for running when Beijing won the bid to host the 2008 Summer Olympics.

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8 Things to Say When You Want to Lose a Client
By Francis Kong

Manufacturing is in for rough sailing. I used to be in it for a good many years. Around five years ago, I left.

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My 'Ride and Drive' Experience with Toyota
By Kris C. Lim

Almost every month, reporters on the motoring beat get a bunch of invitations from different car manufacturers to have us try out their newest toys.

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June 13 – 14
The Bridal Expo: Perfect Beginnings Year Six
Venue: World Trade Center Metro Manila

June 24 – 25
5S + 2S Workshop Towards Performance Excellence: Concepts and Best Practices of Records and Filing Management
Venue: Astoria Plaza

June 24 – 27
2010 senCARE
Venue: Taipei World Trade Center Exhibition Hall 1

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