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China Business Philippines - 05 July 2010
Subject: China Business Philippines - 05 July 2010
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China Business Philippines - 05 July 2010, Monday
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[Photo of Job Seekers]
Fit To Work?

By Angela Litton

While there are thousands of Filipino children yearning to get an education, those that have the opportunity to go to school may not necessarily be getting all the knowledge they are meant to gain after thousands spent on books and yearly fees.

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Tanghalang Pilipino stages rendition of Chekhov's Three Sisters

Actors Angeli Bayani and Chrome Cosio act out a scene from Tatlong Mariya, a Filipino adaptation of Russian playwright Anton Chekhov's play Three Sisters, which portrays three sisters trying to free themselves of their family's slowly declining social status and dreary provincial existence.

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[Photo from HKTDC Fashion Week]The Doyenne Is a Rose
By Marion Marking / Hong Kong

Fabrics embellished with rich gold appliqués, then rolled into paper-like scallops, or folded into origami pyramids, or allowed to cascade softly, close to the body like an otherworldly second skin, characterize Guo Pei's walking art at HKTDC Fashion Week for Fall/Winter 2010

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July 21 – 22
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