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China Business Philippines - 01 September 2009
Subject: China Business Philippines - 01 September 2009
Send date: 2009-08-31 19:56:29
Issue #: 9
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China Business Philippines - 10 August 2009, Monday

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Unique Philippine Foods
and the World Market
ByGerel & Wayne Roa

Bagoong is fermented fish meat found in almost all places in the Philippines. Patis is the salty golden goo that remains after the bagoong is harvested.

Although a potentially profitable export, especially to countries with a significant Filipino population, these are not accepted by many countries.

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The Economics of Working Holidays
By Wainwright Gregory Yu

Holidays are notorious the world over for their uncanny ability to make people spend more; so much so that, in 2001, President Arroyo decided to formally include holiday manipulation, a.k.a. “Holiday Economics,” as part of the then-new government’s list of principal economic policies.

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Thinking Ahead
The Philippines is second to India in terms of size of general population not interested in planning their finances after retirement.

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It’s Everything You Want
By Kris C. Lim  

Mitsubishi has outdone itself. It successfully combined beauty, style, ruggedness, and riding comfort in just one market entry.

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Ms Shane Valeroso

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It is spread out so one needs to scroll the page up & down before reading everything. The font should also be more reader friendly, such as Arial. Lines should be justified for a sleeker look. Articles chosen are interesting but they should be spaced in such a way that the picture is near the article.


Winner of P500 worth of gift certificates to Mang Inasal.

Mr Immanuel Jay Avelino

Excerpts of Mr Avelino's comments:

The newsletter has a lot of unused white spaces. Place feature articles on just one side instead of the main article in the middle and "Lifestyle Link" at the other end. Create a news bank so we can retrieve past features.

We will be in touch via e-mail to ask you where we can deliver your prize.

September 2-6
Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair
Venue: Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre
Organizer: Hong Kong Trade Development Council

September 24-25
Creative Decision Making & Personal Effectiveness Skills for Leaders & Managers
Venue: Astoria Plaza

September 25-27
Kasalang Filipino 2009
Venue: Robinsons Place Bacolod City

October 7-10
6th Print & Label Philippines 2009
Venue: SMX Convention Centre

October 13-16
Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition)
Venue: Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre
Organizer: Hong Kong Trade Development Council

October 13-16
Electronics Asia
Venue: Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre
Organizer: Hong Kong Trade Development Council

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