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Top 10 Philippine Tourist Destinations
Subject: Top 10 Philippine Tourist Destinations
Send date: 2010-08-09 01:25:08
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China Business Philippines - 09 August 2010, Monday

[Photo of Hostess]
Girl Next Door

Nine out of 10 people, picked at random and asked what image the mention of air hostess conjures up in their minds.

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Philippines Now First World!

By ST Ang

Breaking News! The Philippines has finally emerged as a first world country.

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Top 10 Philippine Tourist Destinations

[Photo of Magellan's Cross]
1. Cebu
(1.615 million)
Korean tourists became the top market for the Queen City of the South, comprising 29% of total foreign tourists. Chinese tourists increased by 70% as more charter flights were booked between Cebu and Shanghai, as well as from Guangzhou.

Top 10
Success through Excellence: August 13, 2010, SMX Convention Center

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August 12 – 14
Hong Kong International Tea Fair
Venue: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center
Organizer: HKTDC

August 12 – 16
International Conference & Exhibition of the Modernization of Chinese Medicine & Health Products
Venue: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center
Organizer: HKTDC

August 19 – 21
China Fair and China Machinery and Electronic Products Exhibitions
Venue: SMX Convention Center

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