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China Business Philippines - 14 September 2009
Subject: China Business Philippines - 14 September 2009
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Issue #: 10
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China Business Philippines - 14 September 2009, Monday

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The Time Is Now
By Marion Marking / Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair opened this morning with over 700 exhibitors from 17 nations and regions. The atmosphere at the fair was electric as returning exhibitors prepared to meet buyers from all over the world in this 28th edition of the annual fair.

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Tiger Woods' Secret of Success

By ST Ang

Once in a while, greatness emerges on the landscape to enthrall and inspire generations. It would be safe to declare that Tiger Woods is the greatest golfer in the history of the sport.

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Let me say this as clearly as I can: The United States is not, and will never be, at war with Islam.

US President Barack Obama

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The Dark Side
By Chester G. Galias

Classical violinist Mun (played by Malaysian-Taiwanese actress/pop singer Angelica Lee) undergoes an eye transplant, and thereafter sees mysterious figures that seem to foretell grisly deaths.

The movie was so popular it spawned two sequels (Eye 2 and Eye 10) and two remakes: a similarly titled 2008 Hollywood version starring actress Jessica Alba and Naina (2005) from India.

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Nifty Notebooks
By Francesca M. Baja

Acer has upgraded the 8.9-inch Aspire screen to a more competitive 10.1-inch display. With more on-screen real estate, users will have a better appreciation for the 1024x600 resolution. Likewise, battery life has been improved. The Aspire One 103 is now energized by a 6-cell battery.

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Amazing E10
By Kris C. Lim

Many car manufacturers now promote the use of diesel technology, giving penny-pinching car buyers another option apart from gasoline-fed engines.

Well, we all know that compared to gasoline, diesel is a little more harmful to the environment. But that’s another story.

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Winner of Premium Room w/ Breakfast at Hotel Pontefino in Batangas City (worth P9,150)

Ms Shane Valeroso

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It is spread out so one needs to scroll the page up & down before reading everything. The font should also be more reader friendly, such as Arial. Lines should be justified for a sleeker look. Articles chosen are interesting but they should be spaced in such a way that the picture is near the article.


Winner of P500 worth of gift certificates to Mang Inasal.

Mr Immanuel Jay Avelino

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The newsletter has a lot of unused white spaces. Place feature articles on just one side instead of the main article in the middle and "Lifestyle Link" at the other end. Create a news bank so we can retrieve past features.

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September 24-25
Creative Decision Making & Personal Effectiveness Skills for Leaders & Managers
Venue: Astoria Plaza

September 25-27
Kasalang Filipino 2009
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October 7-10
6th Print & Label Philippines 2009
Venue: SMX Convention Centre

October 13-16
Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition)
Venue: Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre
Organizer: Hong Kong Trade Development Council

October 13-16
Electronics Asia
Venue: Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre
Organizer: Hong Kong Trade Development Council

October 14-15
Mastering Marketing & Marketing Products
Venue: A. Venue Suites

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