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25 NATO fuel tankers attacked in Pakistan
Subject: 25 NATO fuel tankers attacked in Pakistan
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China Business Philippines - 11 October 2010



[Photo of French wine]Foreign-owned wine fund set to launch in China
Societe Generale Ltd, a leading French financial institution, plans to launch a wine fund in China, eyeing the country's fast growing new rich.

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[Photo of Pakistan after NATO attack]25 NATO fuel tankers attacked in Pakistan
Gunmen torched more than two dozen tankers carrying fuel to NATO troops and killed a driver Wednesday.

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Why Your 'Service' Doesn't Work
By Ricky de Vera

The term 'services' has been a misused and abused word by many businesses, to their disadvantage.

Ask what makes a company’s offer unique and you'd likely get the answer 'more personalized service' or 'going the extra mile.

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What and Beans?
By Wainwright Gregory Yu

Pork and beans. It may take a while for you to find the pork and there may not be much of it for you to find, but trust me when I say that there is pork in your everyday can of Pork & Beans.

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