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Top 10 Universities in Asia
Subject: Top 10 Universities in Asia
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China Business Philippines - 18 October 2010

TOP 10


Top 10 Universities in Asia

[Photo of UHK]1. University of Hong Kong
Sir Frederick Lugard, former Hong Kong governor, founded the region's oldest academic institution in March 1910. Today, nearly half its academic staff is recruited from overseas.

[Photo of HKUST]2. The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
The university's Schools of Science, Engineering, Business and Management provide undergraduate and postgraduate programs towards a doctorate education.

Top 10

Long Live The New...Operating Systems
The latest Windows and Linux flavors

By Winthrop Yu

This is the year we get, not only a new Philippine President, but also new operating systems. Desktop-dominant Microsoft has come out with Windows 7. Meantime, Linux mavens welcome Ubuntu 10–Lucid Lynx.

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Training Consultants & Used Car Salesmen
By Miguel P. Suterio

All of us at one time have come across a stereotypical Used Car Salesman: fast-talking, hustling, price-diving, and ready to do anything to sell you that broken down, heap of junk, excuse for a car.

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