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Tiger's last chance to win in 2010
Subject: Tiger's last chance to win in 2010
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China Business Philippines - 06 December 2010



[Tiger Woods]Tiger's last chance to win in 2010

Tiger Woods has a final chance to claim his first victory of the year at this week's Chevron World Challenge and close the curtain on a 2010 campaign he described as "very painful".

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[Beijing]Wind can't blow away Beijing's pollutants

The sky appears blue, but the air remains polluted, Beijing's environmental watchdog ruled Thursday as strong winds blew away the murky haze that shrouded China's capital for days.

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[PASI]Pasi Kabalikat Awards
By Carlos Cabochan

Last year, an idea to have a Philippine Association of Supermarkets Inc. (PASI) awards for well-performing manufacturers/suppliers in the area of trade servicing was hatched.

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Education & Experience
By Francis Kong

Ramil, a local politician has been known throughout his own hometown as an alcoholic. Although he tried to hide it, the local folks knew about his vices.

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