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Return of the stolen sarcophagus
Subject: Return of the stolen sarcophagus
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China Business Philippines
28 March 2011
Return of the stolen sarcophagus
When Han Qinglong saw the reconstructed sarcophagus of Wu Huifei, a royal concubine during the Tang Dynasty (AD 618-907), it took his breath away.

“I knew it was precious 
but I didn’t know it was this beautiful,” said Han, who headed the team that brought the relic back to China four years after it was stolen 
and sold abroad by tomb raiders. Full story

Static and Silence
One might be baffled by Allison Wong David's art upon entering the Cultural Center of the Philippines Main Gallery.

Launched in April, Stone Garden, David's latest effort that took her two and a half years to finish, sprang out of her obsession with nature, simplicity, and embracing the layers of truths one can derive from simple forms. Full story

Achievers Anonymous
My name is Wain and I’m an achievement addict.

It all started when I received my first Boy Scout merit badge, a small piece of cloth signifying skill mastery and rank. I loved the exclusiveness of it. Either you had the badge or you didn’t, you’re in or you’re out. Full story

Hot Cars for 2011

Want to know what cars will rock the market in the next 12 months?

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