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Living Large, No Extra Charge
Subject: Living Large, No Extra Charge
Send date: 2011-04-04 03:51:33
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China Business Philippines
04 April 2011
Live Large, No Extra Charge
People looking to buy their first car always consider the most popular makes first. The problem with getting a popular model, however, is that it often translates to a hefty price tag.

Car afficionados need not despair, though, as Suzuki offers quality on par with the big boys on the market. Not only that, Suzuki will save you big bucks, which is always welcome considering the fluctuating oil prices in the market. Full story

Trample Thy Sacred Shores
The past two years have been a strain on the real estate industry, with many developers building too many office spaces only to find their ‘for lease’ signs gathering dust.

Developers, assuming that the business process outsourcing industry will expand over the next few years and due to rising construction costs, hoarded construction materials and hardware supplies and erected office spaces one after the other. But, much to the dismay of developers, contact centers deferred their expansion in Manila. Some chose to set up shop in Davao, Cebu, Cavite, and Laguna instead. And then prices of steel and cement started to slide back down. Full story

Social Niceties
For food entrepreneur Jojo Paje, running a food business is not just about food—it’s also about having a good business philosophy.

It has always been this way for Paje. She also owns a company that makes eco-friendly bags and corporate giveaways, and a Cerealicious cereal bar at Shangri-La Plaza Mall. Paje, who is a health buff and environmental advocate, believes educating customers is what keeps them coming back. Full story

Hot Cars for 2011

Want to know what cars will rock the market in the next 12 months?

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