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Plume de Nom
Subject: Plume de Nom
Send date: 2011-04-18 02:13:15
Issue #: 82
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China Business Philippines
18 April 2011
Plume de Nom
For someone who doesn’t understand Chinese, flipping through a Chinese-language newspaper like Chinese Commercial News is like going to a black-tie event in jeans or shorts. Continue reading

Of Shanghainese Cuisine and Sashaying Pervs
When you’re traveling on business, five-star hotel food is safe and accessible. And boring.

So boring that you’d sometimes rather go without, despite your stomach’s grumbling protests at three o’clock in the afternoon at still not being fed lunch. Continue reading

Retail Means Detail
I can’t remember how many times I’ve heard this from friends thinking of entering the world of retailing. Many would-be entrepreneurs set their sights on the retail business because they think that the industry is very easy to run. Continue reading

Wheel of Fortune
Worried about your fortune? You're not alone.

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