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The Poise Is Right
Subject: The Poise Is Right
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09 May 2011
Father's Day Special
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The Poise Is Right

"Come to think of it, we are very educated. We work hard. But how come our employment rate is so low?," asks Personifi Image Studio Inc. managing director Abbygale Arenas-de Leon in an interview after her Professional Essence: Business Etiquette and Social Protocol seminar. Know her answer
The Science of Sleep

Philippine National Police Chief Jesus Versoza shares the PNP force's real electoral duties, nuggets of experience, and how the force is ridding itself of its long marred reputation. Including dismissal of personnel
Brands and the Great Recession

Companies around the world irrespective of their industry, products, scale or scope seem to share a very fundamental and very strategic attribute--sell to more customers at a price as higher than the cost as possible in order to grow, be profitable and to be able to sustain such success. Even during times of recession
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