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Earth, Wind, and Fire
Subject: Earth, Wind, and Fire
Send date: 2011-07-04 10:55:32
Issue #: 93
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Earth, Wind, and Fire

Jose Alejandro PCCI vice president Jose Alejandro talks about renewable energy sources in the country and candidly comments on the government's role in it. Is the Philippines committed to following the current global effort to tap clean energy?

On the Rocks

China and Philippines on Spratlys The Philippines and China, plus four other nations, all lay claim to the strategically located, resource-rich Spratly Islands. Does the Philippines stand a chance in this six-cornered territorial dispute? Fighting for Kalayaan

Fine Pontefino

Juan Ponce Enrile Want to head out for the weekend? Sure, beaches are still the way to go. But for this one, you won't regret not seeing sand for two days. Especially if you don't have the physique to impress the wife, the girlfriend, or that cute little officemate you somehow convinced to come along. Proudly Filipino

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