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Survivor and the Fittest
Subject: Survivor and the Fittest
Send date: 2011-07-11 10:40:56
Issue #: 94

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Survivor and the Fittest

People see Li Ka-shing as financial Superman. Will the global financial crisis be his kryptonite?People in Hong Kong call billionaire Li Ka-shing "Superman" because of his immense wealth. So was Superman able to withstand the impact of the global economic collapse? Li is not one to stop working.

Pascal's Wager on the Economy

PascalThere's hardly a matter subject to more speculation today than the state of the world economy. In the marketplace, naysayers, yeasayers, and economic agnostics are equally plentiful. Is the economy on an upward swing? Well, this Ivy League-trained economist says yes. That one however says no, and there are a few in between who say (using different words) that it's too early to tell. Mind you these aren't mere opinion.

Island Cove Hopping

Island CoveWhether you're a jaded professional who travels for work or a giddy little girl in pigtails, you'll find that this Mediterranean-inspired island in Cavite has something for everyone. Incredibly relaxing.

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