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Dream Theme
Subject: Dream Theme
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Dream Theme

Have You Reached the Bottom?To help keep my focus in hard times, I come up with a theme. Here are some pet themes that could also serve as fearless forecasts for the coming months. Eat, Drink, and Be Merry.

Pascal's Wager on the Economy

David Sullivan"We have a relationship with everybody from Mr [Henry] Sy's group, to BPI, to everybody. They all know our company in some way," Trade Finance Corporation CEO David Sullivan tells China Business - Philippines in an exclusive interview. He says his group has established a presence here. We have to survive by being a niche player.

But Really, What Is Salmonella?

SalmonellaSalmonella is actually not a single kind of bacterium but a whole category of bacteria to which several species belong. Several of these species cause infections, usually referred to as food poisoning. Among the diseases caused by ingesting (eating) live Salmonella bacteria is Salmonellosis, which is caused by several kinds of Salmonella, including Salmonella choleraesius. Symptoms may last several days.

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