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Feeding the Filipino
Subject: Feeding the Filipino
Send date: 2011-07-25 10:52:50
Issue #: 96

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Feeding the Filipino

Rice FieldThe Philippine government has set its rice self-sufficiency targets, yet the country is still the top rice importer in the world. Neither will Filipinos give up eating rice. What led us here? What will get us out of the world's rice fields and into giving more attention to our own? Food security is national security.


EquilizerThe personal computer has evolved from a standalone, glorified calculator/typewriter novelty into a device that connects the user to networks of shared information, knowledge, and ideas. The greatest singular contribution of the PC is it serves as an equalizer in the arena of human life. With an online PC, everything is out in the open.

Rebirth of Sales & the Golden Age of Trade Marketing

Miguel SuterioSixteen years ago I used to work as a sales executive for one of the largest and most dynamic multinational consumer goods manufacturers in the country. When push came to shove and the sales numbers had to be delivered, one of the most effective tools in my arsenal to convince my accounts to carry additional inventory was a big smile and a big chocolate cake! I'm not kidding. Times were simpler then and good rapport with your accounts would take you a long way. Not today.

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