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Get SMART When Things Go Wrong
Subject: Get SMART When Things Go Wrong
Send date: 2011-08-08 11:11:23
Issue #: 98
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Get SMART When Things Go Wrong

SMARTNowadays, it makes more sense to go back to basics in terms of the principles and processes for managing performance. One such basic principle goes by the acronym SMART. If properly understood and executed, it can address risks and uncertainties early on. How can you know when to say "I have succeeded"?

Customer Engagement in Challenging Times

Some 10 or 15 years ago, when there was less competition and choices, "customer service" was the buzzword. You'd hear things like "that store really gave good service" or "I like the way they serviced me." But times have changed.

Coffee, Cocktails, Collectibles

La Scala CaféLa Scala Café is where Crispin Go invites friends (and everyone else) over to enjoy what he considers the simple joys of life: coffee, food, cocktails, and his vast collection of everything from comic books to Coke bottles. See every nook and cranny of the strange and wonderful side of Manila.


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