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Giorgio Armani -- The iconic fashion brand
Subject: Giorgio Armani -- The iconic fashion brand
Send date: 2011-08-15 10:42:31
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Giorgio Armani -- The iconic fashion brand (second of two parts)

Giorgio ArmaniWhenever a brand gains popularity and acceptance from its target customers in its core business, the next obvious step for the brand is to charter a new course by venturing into different product lines, different segments, and ever different markets. This phenomenon seems common across industry sectors. Future Brand Challenges.

Back to China (first of two parts)

CantonThe sky was gray with drizzle; the day was warm. Like the hundreds of people around us, we held umbrellas over our heads. We were standing in Tiananmen Square looking at the imposing entrance of the once-Forbidden City. It was the first time.

All's Fair in Love & Advertising

In no undertaking, other than between lovers, has there been as many accusations, rightly or wrongly, of fraud, negligence, and undue influence between parties as there has been in advertising. And nowhere can we find modified truths so widely and smugly used as they have been in the pursuit of a lover or a consumer. Be the Cat in the Rat Race.


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