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"New" is the New Old
Subject: "New" is the New Old
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"New" is the New Old

Washing HandsI spent three highly unproductive hours last Friday arguing with lawyers, pseudo-lawyers, and regulatory experts for the right to say "new."

Not everyone gets to say it and, if left to themselves, most people probably would. "New" is, after all, the Holy Grail of marketing copy. With just this one word, consumer hearts and minds are turned on and, before long, your shelves will be out of stock and your customers begging for more of your wonder-making product or service. Or so they say.

Strong Brands Are Led by the CEO

Martin RollIt is quite clear that this is going to be Asia's century. The opening of China, the rise of India and the resurgence of Asia make the region the most vibrant business playing ground in the world. There is a slow but steady shift in the Asian business mindset. Gone are the days when low cost and manufacturing prowess alone served as the only competitive advantages for the Asian companies. The Asian corporations must realize the importance of moving up the value chain. Branding Is Top-driven Strategy.

How China's Elite Spends

Miyota 8N24Perhaps, the spending patterns of rich Chinese do not reflect those of the majority of China's 1.3 billion citizens; but for the global watch industry, Class-A spending in the world's most populous nation is of paramount interest these days. What Men (and Women) Want.

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