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National Treasure
Subject: National Treasure
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National Treasure

Wine Bunker"Little Hong Kong" was one of most tightly-kept secrets during World War II; now it holds one of Hong Kong's most priceless treasures.

Little Hong Kong was manned by soldiers of different nationalities in December 1941. The Japanese, not wanting to lose men in an assault on the virtually impregnable bunker, negotiated an honorable surrender with the British officer in command. Had negotiations failed, Little Hong Kong's defenders were ready to blow up the site--with them in it.

First, Do No Harm

Alternative MedicineOn any Sunday, the plaza in front of Quiapo church in Manila is bustling with the illegal drug trade. People walk timidly up to stalls, exchange a few words with toothless seller-women, and hurriedly shove packages wrapped in newspaper into bags and pockets before walking away with feigned nonchalance.

Sold alongside plaster figurines of the Virgin Mary and the Black Nazarene, bundles of dried leaves and curious liquids line makeshift stalls in the plaza. Not quite the marijuana, methamphetamine, and abortion pills that the city's most pious district is also known for; but for the stigma that surrounds them, herbal medicine may as well be. Heal Thyself.

Disposable Durables

What new gadgets are you getting? Will they work during an extended power outage? What does one do during a post-storm blackout when you can't turn on the TV or computer for news?

Oh no, my laptop and cellphone batteries are running low! Fortunately, I have a deck of cards and an acoustic guitar; and I'm definitely getting a small radio, one that won't run its batteries down after just a day or two. Throwaway Mentality.

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