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The Game of Pricing in Philippine Supermarkets
Subject: The Game of Pricing in Philippine Supermarkets
Send date: 2011-09-26 10:52:19
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The Game of Pricing in Philippine Supermarkets

Given the expansion of SM Hypermarkets and Puregold, pricing has increasingly become important in turning a store into a shopping destination. There are other market players that have used pricing as one of their major attractions. These are large supermarkets with a wholesale orientation or medium-size with low prices to compete with stores of a similar structure. Cherry Foodarama and Hi-Top are examples of the former; Parco, of the latter.

The question that follows is the sustainability of the various operating models adopted by the different players in the food retail industry. In the end, who has the best chance of surviving the game of pricing at retail? It is important to take note of the emerging operating cost structures of the different formats based on size. Is there a future for small and medium-size stores?

Green Ocean Strategy: Perfect for the Asian Business Market

According to noted strategic guru Alvin Toffler, the future is one of terra incognita (Latin for uncertain terrain). This means that as we move into the future there is greater unpredictability.

How will a company--which is also gung-ho to benchmark against leading competitors or even surpass them--deal with the future? Does the company even have the capability to invest on the same level as the competition? These questions have led to the emergence of a new discipline called Green Ocean Strategy, of which we are one of the proponents in the Philippines.Why Green Ocean?

Comfort for a Cause

"Take care of nature and you will gain more than profit" has been the principle rooted in Alegre Beach Resort & Spa's core values that made it prosper bearing in mind the competition of numerous other beach resorts in the area.

Alegre Beach Resort & Spa is a world-class, five-star resort near the seaside town of Sogod, 75 kilometers (90 minute drive) from the Mactan Cebu International Airport. Set amidst 7 hectares of lush tropical gardens, the resort has 19 luxurious cabanas, each with 2 spacious rooms (60 sqm per room) or a total of 38 rooms fully equipped with five-star amenities with elegant oversized verandahs, surrounded by lush gardens and overlooking the sea. Quaint piece of paradise.

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