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Cutting-edge Presentation: Making an Impact
Subject: Cutting-edge Presentation: Making an Impact
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Cutting-edge Presentation: Making an Impact

Imagine yourself in front of a sales prospect. It's your first time to make a sales pitch for your product or service. How are you going to start the conversation? What's your sales pitch? Is there a presentation process that you need to follow? How do you prepare for a sales call and, more importantly, how do you ensure your audience's continued interest during your presentation?

If you feel uneasy and have butterflies in your stomach, relax; you are not alone. It's not easy to make quality presentations. But this should not stop you from trying to improve your chances of landing an account. We've culled helpful tips from our workshops and coaching seminars that can help you improve your next engagement and create an impact.

Business of Learning The Business

Who's the boss? With the dearth of jobs today, the answer for many Filipinos is increasingly "Me."

From home bakeshops to garden cafes, people are getting into small- and medium-scale enterprises not just to make ends meet but as an alternative to seeking employment. Experience, the Best Teacher.

Stay Calm, Carry On

With the clock ticking toward the zero-tariff entry of cheaper Chinese goods into the country, Philippine industries are bracing for the impact. Ambassador Donald Dee, chairman emeritus of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry, says, however, that the China-ASEAN Free Trade Area is far from being the death knell for local industries.

Dee tells China Business that while local businesses will lose ground to Chinese imports, there are some areas where we can stay competitive. Details and standards.

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