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Tibet's Beauty Amid Adversity
Subject: Tibet's Beauty Amid Adversity
Send date: 2011-10-10 11:45:16
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Tibet's Beauty Amid Adversity

There is a long-standing dispute on whether or not Tibet lawfully belongs to the People's Republic of China. For years, other superpowers have pressured China to give up its claim on the region.

The UN has already passed three resolutions calling for the end to practices that violate basic human freedoms and impede on the Tibetans' right to self-determination -- things that they claim to have fully enjoyed in the past. But China remains adamant and continues to enforce its authority over Tibet. Beijing's Stake.


If you're a businessman who goes to trade fairs, chances are you owe Patrick Tan some money.

Exhibitions and trade conferences have been mushrooming all over the Philippines. With at least one a week being held somewhere in the country, they have contributed significantly towards keeping the wheels of the local economy churning despite the situation overseas. Tan, CEO of Global-Link MP, has been specializing in trade shows since 1993--and there's no telling how many multi-million-peso deals have been forged because of him. No Such Thing As Good Enough.

Coco-fuel Revs Up RP Diesel Engines

The next time you stop by a gas station, you might want to think about this: Extensive research and development has revealed the ultra-versatile coconut to also be an alternative fuel source.

That's good news for many businesses since, these days, diesel prices are no longer far behind gasoline prices. Precursor to Petroleum.

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