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Third World War
Subject: Third World War
Send date: 2011-10-17 11:22:41
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Third World War

How competitive is the Philippines and how well does it wield business power?

The United States remained at the lead, followed closely by Singapore. Surprisingly, most Asian countries have improved their ranks based on international competitiveness surveys. Are we going to end up as a mere spectator in this global contest?

Beijing Building

Seasoned travelers swear one could find the best that China has to offer in the city of Beijing. They’re right.

The Chinese capital is now recognized as the country’s premier city, besting ancient rival Shanghai as China’s style and cultural hub. And it has all the reasons, and very recently, the means, to challenge even other Asian capitals as the region’s showcase of prosperity, dominance, and decadence. Colossal Wonders.


Alfonso Tiaoqui Yuchengco is anything but “ordinary.” Yet, that’s how he describes himself.

The Ambassador, as he is often called—although “Secretary” is more accurate since he is the Presidential Adviser on Foreign Affairs with Cabinet rank—isn’t really the type to engage in false modesty; so we’re inclined to believe that’s really how he sees himself: An ordinary man blessed by God. First Rizal.

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