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Young and Loaded
Subject: Young and Loaded
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Young and Loaded

At 35 years old, Mr. Yu could have been your typical Chinese middle-aged family man just getting by in this dog-eat-dog world. He probably spends most of his salary on his family’s needs, and maybe has enough put away for a retirement fund. Yu, who has a medical degree, works for a scientific research institution.

But at his age, Yu’s living it up. He can spend 10,000 yuan (US$1,394) monthly and won’t even think twice about paying 5,000 yuan (US$697) for a suit. He also owns a condominium and a villa where he spends vacations with his wife and child. Foibles of Wealth.

From Rice to Fries (Second of Two Parts)

Improvements in living standards have exposed many Chinese to a lot of information. Nowadays, they are more health conscious and careful about what they eat. Some of them have even boycotted Western-style fast food.

There are various sites on the Internet where the effects of Western fast-food items are discussed freely. There is even an online signature campaign against these food businesses. Strong Contenders.

Strictly Business

RP ties with both China and Taiwan show that international relations can’t help but depend on economics and trade.

Since 2000, both China and the Philippines have developed closer cooperation in fields like security and defense. But the renewed vigor in RP-Sino ties was more evident in their economic relations. Money Talks.

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