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Under the Dragon's Shadow
Subject: Under the Dragon's Shadow
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Under the Dragon’s Shadow

In its struggle to keep its identity, the “province” seeks recognition from the United Nations as an independent state. Its main hurdle? China.

The earliest settlement in Taiwan date back 30,000 years ago. But these inhabitants were not related to the Chinese majority, who now dominate Taiwan’s population of 23 million. The ancestors of current Taiwanese aborigines were genetically related to Malay and Polynesians and spoke a language of the Austronesian family, not Chinese. In fact, there is strong speculation that the ancestry of Polynesians could be traced all the way back to Taiwan. The Real Taiwanese.

Red Dawn

China and Russia display their military might in a joint exercise. Is another military alliance in the offing?

For China’s Asian neighbors like Japan and Taiwan, it is a signal that Beijing is now the new military power in the region. No Threat?

The Crusaders

An undermanned yet highly motivated team leads a nationwide campaign towards ending the glory days of RP media pirates.

July 28, 2003 was an ominous day for optical media pirates thriving in the Philippines as Republic Act No. 9239, otherwise known as the Optical Media Act of 2003, was enacted into law. Bumps, Loopholes.

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