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Down the Drain
Subject: Down the Drain
Send date: 2011-11-14 11:42:00
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Down the Drain

Many Filipinos now head for the mainland to seek greener pastures. No surprise there; records show Filipinos worked in China even centuries ago.

Brain drain is a double whammy as it involves not just the actual loss of skilled people, but also the resources spent educating them. RP’s Loss, China’s Gain.

The Ultimate

It’s definitely more than just a hood ornament. It tells onlookers of its makers’ rich heritage. The emblem, after all, has the same colors as the flag hoisted by Bavaria—Germany’s largest and oldest state—where BMW first built aircraft engines in 1913.

Apart from the brief history lesson, the emblem also serves a more noble purpose: It sets your car apart from the rest. Lap of Luxury.

Still Standing

As part of its crackdown on counterfeit medicine manufacturers, Chinese authorities want to make cheaper drugs available to the public. These, after all, sell better than the genuine articles in rural areas. Government figures show some 80% of hot medicines land in makeshift clinics or roadside bazaars in the countryside.Recession is to the United States as opportunity is to China. That’s what some economists say.

Thanks to globalization, the impending US economic meltdown will go beyond its borders. The only question now is how extensive the damage will be. But there are some who predict the American slowdown will have little effect on Asian countries due to improved trade and investment relations in the region, as well as reduced dependence on the US economy. Crest to Trough.

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