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The Chief Marketing Officer — A New Boardroom Role
Subject: The Chief Marketing Officer — A New Boardroom Role
Send date: 2011-11-21 11:36:57
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The Chief Marketing Officer — A New Boardroom Role

The Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) has become one of the more commonly talked about corporate designations in recent years. Given the tremendous marketing potential offered by the new media and proliferation of distribution channels, companies have begun to realize the huge potential of marketing in guiding corporate level strategies and substantially contributing to the financial bottom line. In spite of such an understanding, it is startling to note that the average tenure of a CMO is merely 23 months compared to a CFO that typical lasts four to five years on average. Further, not many companies have a senior marketing representative in their C-suite. This begs the question—do companies need a CMO or is the role of a CMO a mere hype? This article probes this question and offers companies some guide posts for better strategic directions.

Watch What You Eat

China has taken steps to win back overseas consumer confidence after a series of reports on tainted food products from the mainland came out.

China’s delicious and cheap food products appeal to many consumers at home and overseas. But the recent episodes over the mainland’s lax enforcement of food safety measures has tarnished the country’s image as a producer of good quality and affordable food items.

Helluva Good Time In Paradise

Let me tell you about Palawan. It is the largest province in the Philippines in terms of land area. Its islands stretch from Mindoro in the northeast to Borneo near Malaysia in the southwest. It was also cited in the National Geographic Traveler magazine as the best island destination in the East and Southeast Asian regions in 2007, and the 13th best island in the world for having “incredibly beautiful natural seascapes and landscapes.

“This trip is the best time of my life, so far."

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