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So Far From Home for a Home-cooked Meal!
Subject: So Far From Home for a Home-cooked Meal!
Send date: 2011-11-28 12:46:10
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So Far From Home for a Home-cooked Meal!

Guests at the Legend Palawan need not go far for a succulent meal, Philippine style. Just a few steps down the lobby is the Tanglaw Coffee Shop, which serves unexpectedly unique, five-star fare.

Hyundai Porter

Those running a business know there are days when the stream of rush jobs, deadlines, and phone calls never seems to stop.

There are quotas to be met, packages to be picked up, and cargoes that need to be brought even in bad weather to waiting clients. Sometimes, you have to make deliveries twice as big as your normal load. In times like these, you need a vehicle that works as hard as you do.


The jewelry, furniture, and home décor of a Filipino-Chinese Davaoeña is making waves in the international design scene. Ann Tiukinhoy Pamintuan has garnered attention in New York, London, Sweden, and Moscow.

Her pieces have twice been featured in the International Design Yearbook and she is also the first female Asian designer to be featured in the design annual. But what makes her achievements more noteworthy is that she has never had any formal arts training, and her design career began as a hobby.

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