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Modern Lodging in San Juan's Hilly Terrain
Subject: Modern Lodging in San Juan's Hilly Terrain
Send date: 2011-12-12 12:37:09
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Modern Lodging in San Juan's Hilly Terrain

San Juan—a settlement of rolling hills known as the site where 19th-century revolutionary warriors first fought Spanish colonizers—is famous for mixing historical landmarks with newish establishments, including the first and only hotel in the city—Greenhills Élan Hotel Modern.

As a result of being sandwiched by densely populated urban areas—Quezon City to the east and Manila to the west—San Juan has become a nexus for travelers whose itineraries point to neighboring cities. The terrain itself does not have much to offer other than commercial goods sold at bargain prices at a mall in Barangay Greenhills.

7 Hottest Cars for 2011

While China is all about luxury cars these days, the Philippine market clamors for something else. Our motoring correspondent predicts the following cars to be the hottest of 2011. And, yes, a Chinese brand made it to the list.

The past decade has had its ups and downs. For the most part, we disliked our country’s executive branch. Although the elections let in a little light, recent events have left us flabbergasted, disgusted, frustrated.

Jumping on the Tablet Trend

Just about every electronic gadgets vendor has announced that they will sell a tablet personal computer (PC) this year. What does that mean for consumers like us? Prices will go down and we can own a tablet PC without having to feel the financial pinch.

At the International ICT Expo organized by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council last month, there were tablet PCs galore, perfect for us mortals who aren’t ready to spend US$499 (the price of an iPad) just yet. Take a look at some of these mobile computers.

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