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New Boss in Town
Subject: New Boss in Town
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New Boss in Town

Toyota has been blessed these past years because it seems the Camry has always been the Boss’ choice of carriage. But things may just change from now on because, last August 2010, a potential replacement arrived in town.

The new generation Nissan Teana shouts elegance unlike any other vehicle we’ve seen in months. When it was first showcased at the Third Philippine International Motor Show alongside other next-gens, like the the Nissan Sentra 200 and the X-trail CVT, Nissan Motors Philippines hoped that the Teana would be the midsize sedan that would topple the Camry’s success and reputation.

The Wind and the Fog

Arriving late at Heathrow Airport, after a long flight, taking a long walk and a long bus ride, I finally arrived at Oxford. It’s not easy traveling alone but I’ve somehow gotten used to that. I had to spend the night in the city and prepare to leave for Queen’s College at Oxford University to attend a one-week conference; another item from my bucket list that I drew up years before.

As I looked at picturesque London, my mind brought me back to some historical events that happened many years in this country that few people in ours remember. Steve Farrar in his beautiful book entitled God Built writes about this. Allow me to share it with you.

Modern Lodging in San Juan's Hilly Terrain

San Juan—a settlement of rolling hills known as the site where 19th-century revolutionary warriors first fought Spanish colonizers—is famous for mixing historical landmarks with newish establishments, including the first and only hotel in the city—Greenhills Élan Hotel Modern.

As a result of being sandwiched by densely populated urban areas—Quezon City to the east and Manila to the west—San Juan has become a nexus for travelers whose itineraries point to neighboring cities. The terrain itself does not have much to offer other than commercial goods sold at bargain prices at a mall in Barangay Greenhills.

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