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Sound Investment
Subject: Sound Investment
Send date: 2011-12-27 10:03:04
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Sound Investment

Laissez faire has been the cry of capitalists since the 1600s, preferring a government that lets market forces do their job. The hands off approach does not go both ways, it seems.

Forget the cliché of heartless corporate drones from the 1980s. Today’s businessmen are giving back to the nation—with interest. Read more

Taxation Representation

It’s been said that nothing is certain but death and taxes, but nobody said anything about how much you have to pay. For some businessmen, hiring a tax consultant stings less than paying the government money that you might not actually owe. We go one on one with tax consultant and businessman Jack Wong on how the tax system creates a need for people like him. Read more

Modern Lodging in San Juan's Hilly Terrain

San Juan—a settlement of rolling hills known as the site where 19th-century revolutionary warriors first fought Spanish colonizers—is famous for mixing historical landmarks with newish establishments, including the first and only hotel in the city—Greenhills Élan Hotel Modern.

As a result of being sandwiched by densely populated urban areas—Quezon City to the east and Manila to the west—San Juan has become a nexus for travelers whose itineraries point to neighboring cities. The terrain itself does not have much to offer other than commercial goods sold at bargain prices at a mall in Barangay Greenhills. Read more

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