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Live Long and Prosper!
Subject: Live Long and Prosper!
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Live Long and Prosper!

The Lunar New Year is, undoubtedly, the most important and festive traditional Chinese holiday.

The mere mention of the holiday itself brings to mind vivid images of flamboyant festivities and unmatched opulence. What better place to welcome the New Year than Mabuhay Palace? The Manila Hotel’s premier Chinese restaurant once again opened its beautiful, ornate doors to patrons and guests to mark this auspicious event. Read more

Two Filipino Chinese Businesses Tread Artistic Path

Filipino-Chinese businessmen are known for one thing: business. They often immerse themselves in their work to produce products with the best quality usually not found anywhere else. These businessmen offer competitive prices that entices customers, choosing them over higher priced brands--after all, majority of customers often choose quality and competitive pricing over pricier branded products.

A few Filipino-Chinese businessmen have begun to tread new paths that allow them to explore their creativity and express themselves artistically aside from practicing their business skills. Two of these businesses are Edd Sy Designs and AMI Jewels. Read more

What’s in a Name?

Having a catchy name just isn’t enough to capture the market anymore.

“The best test of success is when consumers go back and buy your product,” marketing strategist George T. Syliangco tells attendees of the Anvil Business Club Exchange Forum. He points out that putting a name on a product doesn’t make it a brand. After all, you don’t make money on the first sale, but on repeated sales. Read more

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