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The Name of the Roast
Subject: The Name of the Roast
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The Name of the Roast

While it doesn’t take a genius to do chicken right, it does take a visionary to turn grilled chicken into a fast food phenomenon.

After all, more chicken restaurants have fallen by the wayside than have successfully crossed the road to success.

With a network of more than 200 stores all over the country, and projections to have a national chain of 500 stores by 2012, Edgar Sia II, chairman and CEO of Mang Inasal, says everything starts with a vision. Read more

Book That Launched a Thousand Ways

Thank God, it’s Monday! Blasphemy for anyone who has to contend with nosy officemates and incredibly tough bosses while nursing a weekend hangover. Unless, of course, you work for Bob Nelson.

Nelson advocates giving employees flowers and and having bosses serve free lunch just to make employees feel special. He believes that employers have to invest in the development of their teams even if it means going out of their way to connect with subordinates. Read more

Baubles, Beads, and Business

Not all that glitters is gold, but at the Hong Kong International Jewellery Show in March, they could be something even more precious.

When shopping for diamonds, can you evaluate the overall quality of a certain piece according to its cut, clarity, color, and carat weight? Read more

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