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Make Competitive Intelligence Work For Your Business
Subject: Make Competitive Intelligence Work For Your Business
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Make Competitive Intelligence Work For Your Business

Many businesses lack the Competitive Intelligence to provide critical inputs in decision making. What is Competitive Intelligence and how can this discipline give your business an advantage? Read more

The Staunch Shipping Titan

Dressed in his daily ‘uniform’ of polo shirt and jeans, an ear-piece/mic kit stuck to the side of his head, and mobile in hand, Chester Cokaliong entered the boardroom of the seven-story Cokaliong Tower along Osmeña Boulevard, a stone’s throw away from the piers where his ships lay idly docked.

His first words upon seating himself at the head of a long table were, “Is it okay to have my headphone on? This is my attire everyday.” Read more

New Breed, New Life for Philippine Cinema?

Despite the mishap at the opening film screening (film froze towards the end, mouse pointer visible on the screen), I enjoyed watching several of this year’s entries. Following are some of the independent films I was able to catch during the 6th Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival. Read more

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