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China Business Philippines -26 October 2009
Subject: China Business Philippines -26 October 2009
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China Business Philippines - 26 October 2009, Monday

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The Moneyman
By China Business Editorial Team

If money could grow on trees, Trade Finance Corp. (TFC) chairman and founder David Sullivan would have orchards scattered around the world to help finance small and medium enterprises (SME).

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RP Org fights for safer roads

The Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) has teamed up with the private sector to form Global Road Safety Partnership-Philippines (GRSP-Phil Inc.).

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Learning the Art Way
By Marysol L. Balane

Philippine High School for the Arts (PHSA), like most cultural institutions in the country, was a brainchild of Imelda Marcos. Established in 1977, the school allows only exceptionally talented applicants to enter its premises.

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32 million

Is the recorded disparity between Chinese boys and girls below age 20. The Chinese government, although dissatisfied with a generation of “excess men,” has yet to devise a way to balance its lopsided population.

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Bite Me!
By Francesca M. Baja

Food this good will call out to you and make your tummy grumble. Take a bite out of these tasty treats to rediscover old favorites and find new restaurants that serve deliciousness daily.

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Trade Finance Corporation's moving banner ad
Mandarin in the 21st
By Jane T. Yugioksing

I grew up in a traditional Chinese family in the Philippines. So I’m familiar with Chinese cultural celebrations and, through personal interactions and exposure to local media, I learned to speak Tagalog and appreciate Filipino culture. I was educated in a traditional Chinese school, where I honed my English, Filipino, and Mandarin communication skills.

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October 26-27
4th China Int'l Exhibition on Paper Making Chemicals
Venue: Shanghai Mart

October 27-30
Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Autumn Edition)
Venue: Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Center
Organizer: Hong Kong Trade Development Council

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