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Is Fuel Overpriced in the Philippines?
Subject: Is Fuel Overpriced in the Philippines?
Send date: 2012-02-13 10:01:12
Issue #: 124
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Oil TankerOil. That, in a single word, is what modern Middle Eastern geopolitics has been about.

The growing unrest in Libya, the social turmoil in Egypt, Tunisia, Turkey, Bahrain, Yemen, Oman, Iraq, Kuwait, and Syria, and the earthquake/tsunami in Japan—all have driven the price of oil through the roof. What did it was not only the fear of supply interruption but also because some speculative oil traders took advantage of the situation. Read more >>

Jeep Cherokee The ubiquitous bicycle was the king of Chinese roads for so long. But it is being eased off the road by cars— some of them carrying American brand names.

In the past, the broad boulevards of Beijing were used mainly for military parades and shows. Vehicles were status symbols for many high-ranking government officials, and were mostly used for official functions. When new money flowed in shortly after the economic boom of the ‘90s, shiny, new, and high-end cars for China’s young and wealthy came in as well. Many of the nouveau rich soon filled their garages with imported luxury cars. Read more >>

Uy Chaco BuildingBetween the 1900s and the 1920s, Plaza Cervantes in Binondo was the place to make a statement.

It was there that banks, financial cooperatives, and corporations would set up their headquarters. Among them was the firm of Uy Chaco. Read more >>

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