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The Man From Century
Subject: The Man From Century
Send date: 2012-02-20 07:42:00
Issue #: 125
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Robbie AntonioThe boardroom on the 21st floor of the Pacific Star building was stuffed with chairs.

They were arranged in tight rows that occupied every single square foot of the room, making it impossible to actually find a seat. No wonder Robbie Antonio, upon entering, exclaims “What the hell is this?” Read more >>

Noynoy Aquino Right off the bat, I will convince myself that the presidency is best not made a career but a lofty mission to change the world. A personal sacrifice, not a privilege nor entitlement. I will be a servant leader, not a leader of servants.

I will set ambitious goals to uplift the lives of our countrymen. This will be the baseline of our long term vision, untethered by the limitations of common wisdom. Read more >>

Teofisto Guingona IIIHow important is the national budget? Why should we care about it?

The budget is the lifeblood of the national government. It is the embodiment of our hopes and aspirations for ourselves, our children, and our children’s children. If the process for making it is flawed, then, our plans will be flawed. We are undeniably all the worse for our flawed budget process, and that can be measured in terms of our people’s continued suffering. Read more >>

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February 2012

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