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Bypassing China’s Internet Censorship
Subject: Bypassing China’s Internet Censorship
Send date: 2012-03-05 05:32:52
Issue #: 127
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Chinese NetizensIn April 2006, China Ministry of Public Security formed the Golden Shield Project. It is, supposedly, a “digital system for information management that is separate from the Internet.” In reality, its true purpose is to monitor the Chinese public’s use of the ’Net.

Most Chinese citizens have become more aware (if not more fearful) of the state’s cyberlaws since then. The restrictions, however, have not stopped the determined within and outside China from going around and even penetrating the shield in various ways. Read more >>

Jimmy Go Few people knew what computers were when MSI-ECS president Jimmy Go started selling them in the early ’80s. But, today, most of us probably can’t imagine life without them. This is certainly true of Jimmy Go, who saw his company grow with the rise of technology in the Philippines.

Go had no idea his small company would someday turn into one of the leading information technology distributors in the country. The struggle he went through to start his business has paid off as MCI-ECS now earns up to 4 billion pesos annually; a long way from the 100,000 pesos he used as start up capital in 1982. Read more >>

San Fernando“The mayor has become irrelevant.” That’s how Institute for Solidarity in Asia (ISA) executive director Christian Zaens describes San Fernando, Pampanga.

San Fernando, 67 kilometers north of Manila, is one of the model cities under ISA’s Philippine Governance System (PGS). Read more >>

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