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China’s Generation Y
Subject: China’s Generation Y
Send date: 2012-04-02 05:46:32
Issue #: 131
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Generation YIs there really that big a difference between Generation Y and my generation, just a few years older? Last week, one of my graduate school classmates called me complaining of the indolence of his young assistants. His students—members of the post-1980 generation— were unwilling to work overtime. Still, does that make them so different? Read more >>
VIP A vigorous one-two punch of “Walang wang wang” (No more Sirens) and “Kayo ang Boss ko” (You are my Boss) declarations by the unassuming, underestimated President Noynoy served as his symbolic kick off that set the tone for his six-year term as Chief Executive.

His straightforward words, uncharacteristic of such a formal event, were an assurance that he is one of us. That feels our pain, frustration and despair as well as our simple joys, replacing our cynicism with trust. They were meaningful bullet points that resonate rather than motherhood statements that discombobulate. Read more >>

Manny PacquiaoWhy is sports a billion-dollar business? Because die hard fans are always willing to be consumed by the excitement of competition.

Fans identify themselves with their heroes, who open up their minds to a wealth of possibilities: upping the ante, breaking records, celebrating the triumph of the human spirit, and empathizing with the drama of the comeback. Read more >>

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