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Harvesting the Gifts of Creation
Subject: Harvesting the Gifts of Creation
Send date: 2012-05-08 10:43:44
Issue #: 136
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Harvesting The Gifts Of CreationHow grassroots finance is sustaining agrarian communities in Southern Philippines

Standing on a bamboo podium built beside a river, Pedrito Dahuyag watches as hired workers harvest first-grade abacá from his organization’s 3,776-hectare land.

A long-time village leader and member of the Mahaba Tribal Community Council, 64-year-old Dahuyag also represents his community in the local development council of Cabadbaran. Read more >>
Back With a VengeanceThe Florsheims have experienced the full spectrum of fate. First, they were cobblers. Then, they became millionaires. But one of their own sold them out. Fifty years later, they got their company back. A true Cinderella story. And, just like Cinderella, the Florsheim shoe has captured the world’s attention for over a century Read more >>
From Guzzler to MiserIn the next month or so, expect prices to skyrocket.

So if you’re one of those who resolved to spend less this year, you may want to consider shifting to a utopian vehicle. Bangin’ but fuel efficient.

So what turns a car from gas guzzler to gas miser? Taking a closer look, there are things to consider other than what your salesperson claims. First, of course, is the engine displacement. The less displacement, the less power it produces. That means less fuel consumption on your part. Read more>>

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