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Raison d’Être
Subject: Raison d’Être
Send date: 2012-05-23 05:16:03
Issue #: 138
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Raison d’ÊtreJuniper Network’s Eu-Ween Kang never defeats the purpose of his brain being placed inside his head. And he never fails to use it first when faced with adversity

“Let your thoughts rule your heart, rather than letting your heart rule your thoughts.”

That’s what Eu-Ween Kang told us recently. And that’s what his father instilled in him. Kang is Asia Pacific enterprise marketing director at Juniper Networks. He still lives with his father. If any word best describes Kang, it is pragmatic—in both his personal and professional life. Read more >>
Great Wall of Houses One of man’s basic needs has become a privilege for many Chinese
“Home sweet home” may not be so sweet after all.

According to Beijing Homelink Real Estate Brokerage Co., the price for second-hand residential units soared by 62.8% to 19,183 yuan per square meter (sq.m.) year-on-year in the first six months of 2010. Read more >>
Nippon Banzai The Bureau of Internal Revenue is cracking down on tax evaders, but economists say that without substantial fiscal reforms, paying taxes doesn’t quite pay either

A businessman in Pampanga is assessed 150,000 pesos in taxes: 50,000 pesos to the government and 100,000 to the hardworking tax collector. These are your taxes at work. Read more>>

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