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Soothe Operators
Subject: Soothe Operators
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Something strange happened when Diamond Life was released to an unsuspecting world in 1984. Featuring a quartet of capable musicians, whose R&B and jazz influences eschewed the era’s de rigueur pop schlock, a new-age soundtrack for sultriness came to be

This was Sade, the band, named after their front-woman Helen Folassade Adu. For decades, her silky croon has filled hotel bars and lounges that pass for romantic settings. Read more >>
Guests rush from nuptial to nuptial armed with cash-filled ‘Red Bombs’

The 25-year-old Shanghai native Liu Yiwei has had an exhausting holiday. Rather than traveling or working overtime, she was busy hopping from one place to another arming “red bombs” with piles of cash. “Red bomb” is the popular name for the red envelopes with money that are given as wedding gifts. Read more >>
Thomas Giles Roger Jr is an interesting chap. As frontman for Between the Buried and Me he’s usually collaborating with the rest of the band to craft vicious and uncompromising material.

So far the decade long commitment has produced a string of wonderful indie albums well-received by the press and fans alike. On Pulse, however, dear Thomas turns his back on what he’s familiar with to explore realms unknown. Read more>>


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