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Welcome to the UnderNet!
Subject: Welcome to the UnderNet!
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At the turn of the millennium, a few call centers had started operating and SMS text messaging was becoming increasingly popular. The Internet was also fairly new and available to only a few. Most users weren’t overly concerned about malware. Any concerns then were focused on ‘computer viruses’ spreading through infected media such as diskettes, not the Internet. Then on 5 May 2000, e-mail messages with attached ‘love letters’ began spreading across the globe. Read more >>
Toys are still big business, especially in the age of mobile gadgets. A small company in Hong Kong is planning world domination—one office cubicle at a time
Precision guided missiles cut through the air, striking their targets amid cataclysmic explosions and general chaos. Read more >>
The Lenovo ThinkPad E420s made its grand debut in the first quarter of 2011 and is now being sold worldwide. The E420s is a 14-inch notebook that’s ideal for small and medium businesses who don’t have the resources for a lot of hardware. It looks classy and turns dark green (the product literature calls it moss black) when cast underneath a bright light. The matte coating is also a tasteful aesthetic feature and offers a nice grip. Read more>>


February 2013: Forecast for 2013

February 2013: Forecast for 2013

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