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An Unreasonable Man
Subject: An Unreasonable Man
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Issue #: 164
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“I like that word. Unreasonable.”
Fr Xavier ‘Javy’ Alpasa, SJ smiles easily, as if he knows a secret and is playing coy. He may be an ordained Jesuit priest, but Fr Javy is not your usual solemn and reserved cleric. He may be a businessperson, running one of Palawan’s successful hotels, but he is not your usual profit-driven entrepreneur.
After decades working behind the scenes, Dr Yeung Wing Yu finally took off his lab coat to run a hi-tech firm. A glimpse into a company on the cusp of starting a (thermal appliance) revolution
Filled to bursting. That would best describe the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center one Thursday afternoon. Read more >>
HKTDC’s reigning chairman has a huge responsibility when it comes to attractive lucrative trade. Other than his myriad titles and directorships, you can call him the gatekeeper to China’s bountiful opportunities
Jack So Chak Kwong—better known as Jack So—is a very busy man.
He is a member of the International Business Leader Advisory Council to the Beijing Mayor, vice chairman for Credit-Suisse in China, a Cathay Pacific director, and a prime mover in the local film industry. Read more>>


August 2013: Why Electricity Is More Expensive in the Philippines

August 2013: Why Electricity Is More Expensive in the Philippines

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