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Is Your Problem Operational or Personal?
Subject: Is Your Problem Operational or Personal?
Send date: 2013-09-03 08:08:50
Issue #: 167
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In our company—and I’m sure many others— problems arise where it seems impossible to determine whether the cause was operational or personal. Is there a way we can determine what really caused the problem so we can fix it? Read more >>
Who wants to lead a free- wheeling world that is undergoing a 180-degree change?
The top contender in the race to the White House and the current leadership of the free-wheeling world are a study in contrasts in terms of class, ethnicity, upbringing, training, and skills. Read more >>
A vigorous one-two punch of “Walang wang wang” (No more Sirens) and “Kayo ang Boss ko” (You are my Boss) declarations by the unassuming, underestimated President Noynoy served as his symbolic kick off that set the tone for his six-year term as Chief Executive. Read more>>


September 2013: Riches of Davao

September 2013: Riches of Davao

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