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Winning is not Everything
Subject: Winning is not Everything
Send date: 2013-11-13 10:56:24
Issue #: 174
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Wishful thinking can metamorphose to fervent hope, gravitate to an insatiable dream, mutate to heated desire, escalate to burning ambition, then culminates in raging lust. This is when irrational thinking sets in. Read more >>
One popular piece of Chinese literature many of us have often watched or read is Journey to the West, also known as Xīyǒujì (Saiyuki), considered one of the Four Great Classical novels of Chinese literature. Read more >>
There are business organizations that focus on fighting financial illiteracy and these are good. On the other hand, there are seminars that promise you the moon and the stars—that after attending you will be wealthy, be able to buy a luxury car, travel the world. Stay away from this rubbish! Read more>>


November 2013: Bad Progress

November 2013: Bad Progress

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