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Chaos Defying Imagination
Subject: Chaos Defying Imagination
Send date: 2013-12-06 06:18:50
Issue #: 175
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Having Grammy nominations, songs on the Twilight saga OST, multi- platinum success, critical acclaim, a celebrity wife (singer-guitarist Matt Bellamy+Kate Hudson = baby), and even a track for the Olympics, all that seems to have given them success without planting the seeds of their destruction. (Cliched but true.) Read more >>
One unforgettable night several weeks ago three Spaniards descended on a bare stage at the CCP Little Theater. They were Eduardo Guerrero, flamenco deity, with his cohorts Manuel Soto, singer, and Javier Ibañez, guitarist. Read more >>
Inside the fascinating world of dubstep—the most compelling sub-genre to sweep modern music
The end of the world was nigh. In the waning days of the vibrant 1990s, a new millennium lay waiting. And in the South London club scene, several DJs were up to no good. Read more>>


November 2013: Bad Progress

November 2013: Bad Progress

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