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In the good old days, being the general manager of an international bank’s overseas office really meant something. Long before the use of ‘chief executive’ or multiple ‘managing directors,’ the GM was King. A simple title, but so much power. He was responsible for everything, from dealing with the authorities, deciding which clients, which industry, which countries, and which products. Read more >>
One popular piece of Chinese literature many of us have often watched or read is Journey to the West, also known as Xīyǒujì (Saiyuki), considered one of the Four Great Classical novels of Chinese literature.

The other three are Three Kingdoms, Water Margin, and Raise the Red Lantern. Written by Wu Chen-en during the Ming Dynasty (1500–1582), Journey rivals Three Kingdoms in terms of popularity, having had hundreds of media adaptations and influencing pop culture. Read more >>

There was a time when being a Chief Executive Officer meant one must have worked for at least 40 years and climbed up the corporate ladder of a single company—gray-haired, suit-wearing, shod in super shiny Florsheims, seated behind a huge, mahogany office desk with two or three executive secretaries guarding the gates. Read more>>


March 2014: How China's Richest Protect Their Wealth

March 2014: How China's Richest Protect Their Wealth

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